Running around New York City on a sunny, warm day with the person you love? Does it get any better than that? As a photographer, it really doesn't.

I had a perfect trip to NYC with Chandler and Jake. They wanted nontraditional engagement vibes, but something that felt like them, so I was immediately on board.

Chandler and I have become good friends through our small businesses - hers: The Prickly Pear, and mine: Goldenhour Goods. So starting our day in NYC by assembling a makeshift bouquet of flowers from Trader Joe's outside on the sidewalk felt very on brand for both of us.

The three of us hopped on the subway and waited patiently for the cars to empty enough to snap some photos with the orange seats and the baby blue maps.

We jumped off the subway and headed to Rough Trade, the vinyl shop. Chandler and Jake both have a huge love for music, often going to shows together around the city. Collecting vinyl is also one of my favorite hobbies, so being able to shoot here was a dream. I threw them in the photo booth for a bit, then we headed over to the bins to take a look.

After Rough Trade, Jake and I headed back to their apartment and Chandler went to tend to the cats she was watching for the weekend. We all took a little lunch break and decided to meet back up in the evening for some photos in the always classic, Central Park, for my favorite time to shoot, golden hour, of course.

We walked and talked until we found some spots around the park. The lighting was beautiful and we got some of my favorite shots from the day. My favorite shots always come when clients trust my vision and we all crawl on the ground a bit. I always end up covered in dirt, but I'll keep doing it for shots like these.

I'm so grateful to Chandler and Jake for trusting me with such a fun and unique day. I loved spending the weekend with them in the city.

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