"My fiance and I don't identify as photogenic and Gabby made it so comfortable and easy to be in front of the camera. I absolutely love how our photos came out, they're so beautiful and capture our essence perfectly!" ENGAGEMENT SESSION



"...My daughter was 20 months old and as independent as can be so I was a little worried about how it would go. I tried to remind myself these pictures might not come out like I had hoped, only because I didn’t think she would want to cooperate. Was I right about her giving us a hard time? Oh yes. But what I wasn’t prepared for is how incredible Gabby handled the situation. Not only was she understanding of the situation but she went above and beyond, even having my daughter stand behind the camera with her, letting her try and take some pictures herself. During the shoot I was so thankful for her patience, professionalism and warmth. And then I got the pictures back.. and I sobbed. She did a perfect job of capturing our growing family and giving us memories we can cherish for the rest of our days. I couldn’t thank Gabby enough for the precious treasure she provided us. And once this second baby makes an appearance earth side we will 100% be reaching out again to capture more sweet memories."



"...Gabby’s Communication from the get-go made us feel so comfortable for people who have no idea how to be photographed! I have to admit that going into the photos I was extremely nervous. We had never had a photography session before, and naturally I worried that we would look staged like any other generic engagement shoot. With these fears in mind, I wanted to have a photographer that knew us and knew how to get those jitters out and have someone who is style I knew matched what we were going for. And insert Gabby. She helped us work through different poses and just have fun with it. We never once felt awkward or forced. Gabby had us laughing the entire time. She was graceful in helping explore ideas that we might have had. That advocacy from your photographer goes along way!! I genuinely walked away from our session feeling excited and feeling like someone genuinely captured a day in our lives. And then we got the photos back. Oh. My. I cannot say enough. You get drawn in to a photographer for their style and then when you actually see yourself in the photos you get taken aback a little bit. I was in awe that Gabby captured our personalities in the photos. I know she will be in our lives forever and every moment of this experience will make me come back to her. Cannot recommend her, her creativity, style, comfort, personality and overall work enough!!" SAM+ADAM ENGAGEMENT SESSION